Thursday, November 13, 2008

When 2 Year-Olds Make the Menu

Good morning. A table for breakfast? Right this way.

No, I'm sorry. We don't have any coffee. How about a nice cup of milk? Or some juice? Would you like a pink sippy cup or yellow?

Would you like to hear about our special today? Our breakfast special this morning is Goldfish and raisins, prepared by our chef and served in separate small bowls. Most people seem to enjoy dumping them out onto a plate and mixing them together and then shoveling the mixture back into the bowls and dumping it out again. No? Not for you? We also have ohpt-meal or yoguht and gwanola.

Thank you for having breakfast with us today. I hope you enjoyed it. Oh, don't worry about that. The busdog will clean it up. Please come again!

1 comment:

The Grandpa said...

Does the ohpt-meal come with anything? The goldfish and raisins sound like too much work.

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