Monday, November 17, 2008

PhD and the Grandpa Are in Cahoots, I Think

Since I am certain that you are religiously checking my NaNoWriMo word count tracker over there to the right, you have probably noticed that I actually stopped writing a while ago (why didn't you call me on that?!). I did not even break the 10,000 word threshold. It happened right around the time that I posted this. If you were going to therapy, you might not choose to talk about my novel, but I'm not you and I did choose that topic today. Because I have a whole story in my head and I had just reached the point where the characters have started taking over the story-telling and I wasn't exactly sure why I had stopped writing. Our topic today was perfectionism, but we quickly nixed that as my problem. I am not a perfectionist. Nor am I perfect. But since I'm not a perfectionist, that doesn't bother me. Turns out, I'm afraid of failure. Huh. Yeah. As Lulu would say, "I think so." My PhD says, "So what if you fail? What happens then?" meaning what's the big deal. And if I gave the Grandpa the chance to weigh in on the possibility of failure, I suspect he would say, "You have to write it first before you can worry about it failing." Or something like that. Is that pretty close, TG?

What they're both saying is, "Just write it!" Darn it. Guess I better get going again...

They also agree that I should practice the piano more. TG, you would probably get along with my PhD, especially if you only talked about me.

Also, my PhD had her dogs with her today because she was having work done on her house. She has 2 Malti-Poo cuties. Aw! I want one!! You know, when Howie gets all grown up and Husbandguy doesn't dislike him anymore... Howie likes little dogs, and I think HG might like a lap-dog, and Pete would have adored these 2 little sweeties, and a Malti-Poo couldn't knock Lulu over and pin her down while licking her hair (Howie doesn't do that anymore as much as he used to). So it would be a win, win, win, win, win situation! Right?


The Grandpa said...

It sounds as if your PhD is pretty smart. Glad you're going to get going again.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Really. Just write it. What will you lose if you do? What will you lose if you don't?

Peace - Rene

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Right, Rene! That's what my PhD said!

Maria Rose said...

You can do it!

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