Monday, November 10, 2008

A Job for HG

Husbandguy started his new job today. He got up almost as early as he meant to, and got showered and shaved and put on a shirt with buttons and his non-sneaker shoes and was outside, scraping frost off the windows just a couple of minutes later than he meant to be.

I got up later than I meant to, also, but I was kind of waiting to see if he would get himself up because him going back to work shouldn't mean that I have to start getting up before 7 again, but apparently it does. So I rolled out of bed at 6:30 and told him what time it was and let the dog out. The girls and I did okay this first morning getting around without extra help (we didn't need it before, but we didn't have the dog before either). Pete, Lulu, and I were dressed and breakfasted and at Pete's bus stop right on time. After Pete left, Lulu and I had a few minutes before she had to get to school, which we spent talking about the fact that Daddy going to work now would mean a big change in her TV time (even though that wasn't my first choice for a topic - she brought it up). Then I dropped her off and took the dog to the park (he is so worn out right now that he can't even get up and follow me from room to room like he always does - that's kind of the point of the park) where I got info from another couple about a kennel really close to here that I'm calling today to see if they have space for Howie sometime in the near future so we can go visit the Grandpa and Meme if HG can work it with his schedule.

When we got home I had an email from HG. Apparently he'd gotten where he needed to be and found a lot to park in and was walking into his building just a couple of minutes after 8. They were expecting him and had a place for him to sit and a computer and a user ID all set up and an IT guy waiting to make sure he could access the network, which he can. And today he is spending the day reading all about concrete and foundation design and will be home at dinnertime.

Whew! And the day is only half over. I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do today except take Howie to play and post on TIBM and wash HG's other shirts with buttons. But the day is only half over...


Maria Rose said...

You've got plenty of time!

The Grandpa said...

At least he'll have clean shirts.

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