Thursday, May 31, 2007

Workin' Off Site

One of the things I like best about my job is that sometimes I get to work off site with people from Boss 1's daytime office. It's just volunteer/helping-out stuff, but it is really rewarding. When I worked in Big Bank Land, I didn't have the time (or the freedom, really) to do stuff like that. I think that there was some program where you could take 1/2 hour a week for volunteer work or something, but none of the local bosses seemed to know about it and they're the ones who mattered.

This morning, Boss 2 and I went and stuffed folders, which is something I would not have enjoyed in Big Bank Land. I loved it this morning! Also, if we, as volunteers, help with a little research here and there, Boss 1's daytime office gets free stuff! I'm all for that!

Boss 1 likes to work from our office during the summer. It will be Super Nice having her around, but I'm going to miss her daytime office (I bet she will too after a while). We'll have to plan a bunch of off-site stuff with temps this summer...

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