Thursday, May 3, 2007

Recipe for Success

Mr. Co-Worker teases me. He says I never follow recipes. He is kind of right. I always seem to change something, add or substitute ingredients, change the cooking method, etc. I used to say that I always follow a recipe the first time, but I stopped saying that after he proved me wrong a bunch of times.

But yesterday I made oatmeal raisin cookie bars as a thank you for some other people who do work for Boss 1, and today I got all excited because I thought I had followed the recipe. The original recipe was for drop cookies, but it had an alternative cookie-bar option. So I called him at his other job and said, "Hey! I followed a recipe!" and he said, "Except for the pan size..." Darn it! He was right. I had changed the pan size! The original cookie-bar recipe only made 16 bars, which wasn't enough so I made thinner bars in a bigger pan. Come on! That shouldn't count. Right?

So help me out: you tell me I followed the recipe and I'll make him read this and then he can roll his eyes and say that I follow a recipe once every decade or something snotty like that.

But I did! Right? I followed the recipe.



Anonymous said...

No, I think he's right.


Vanya said...

Why is it important to follow recipes? Recipes are just suggestions, that you can take under advisement.

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