Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poor Lulu

Lulu has a birthday coming up this next weekend. Lulu will be one year old.

Thank goodness LL's birthday wasn't last weekend because LL was terribly sick all weekend with Very High Fevers (106ยบ on Saturday!) and General Crankiness. LL went to the doctor on Saturday even though LL's insurance doesn't pay the extra fee for weekend visits, and the doctor said LL most likely had a virus, probably roseola (it's related to measles), which we would know when LL broke out in a rash, which LL did yesterday and is still sporting today. Poor LL!

But the rash is good because it means that LL is all done being sick, and it means that LL really did have roseola and won't make Pete sick because Pete already had roseola and is probably too old to have it even if Pete hadn't had it before, and Husbandguy won't get sick either because he's definitely too old and didn't get sick when Pete had it four-and-a-half years ago. But the rash is also bad because it means that, when LL was hanging out with VW and Big Lil on Thursday and didn't seem sick, LL was probably contagious. Hopefully Big Lil has had it or will just be lucky this time and not get it because Big Lil is supposed to celebrate LL's birthday with us.

But LL is fine, and if the rash doesn't clear up by next weekend, after I call LL's doctor to be sure it is supposed to take that long to clear up, I can just print out info on roseola for all the moms bring their kids to LL's party so they won't worry about contagion.

Guess I should go order balloons now! And double check that LL is really not contagious now that LL is rashy...

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Awww, poor Lou! And poor mom-of-Lou, too! I hope that you are all well soon, and definitely in time for the party! I don't know if Beanie ever had Roseola, but I do know what it is. I hope Lou feels better very, very soon!

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