Monday, May 14, 2007


Recently, I was out to eat with my bosses and Mr. Co-Worker and a friend of ours and her bosses. We happened to be at a fast food place because Boss 1 really likes that stuff. The people behind the counter were taking forever getting the people in front of us taken care of. We were there 20 minutes, and we didn't move up in line at all. The one order that did get completed in that time was wrong. After about ten minutes, I was done waiting. It wasn't like that was the only place to eat. But I didn't say anything because I am always the one who has to say something. No one else ever says, "This sucks! Let's get out of here!" I didn't expect that any of the bosses would speak up. That's not what they do. I thought, though, that co-worker or our friend might take the initiative and suggest we go somewhere else. I can't believe they would have been fine waiting two hours for a cheeseburger (which is what would have happened if we'd stayed there)! Did they really think everyone else wanted to be there so bad that we'd be upset if they suggested we go somewhere else? Come on! But I gave them a chance. In fact, I gave them 10 more minutes before I said, "Let's go somewhere else." And here's the thing: I could see on their faces that they were relieved that I suggested it! So why didn't they say something?! Why does it always have to be my idea? Jeez, people!

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