Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yummy New Things

You'd Be Wrong You would think that, having been a vegetarian for nearly a year by now, I would have cooked tofu before now, but nope, that wouldn't be true. While we were at TG and Meme's this weekend, though, Meme said, "For lunch today let's cook this Tofu with Spinach and Mushrooms in Ginger Peanut Sauce from my really awesome cookbook that also has a yummy recipe for roasted sesame green beans," (that is exactly what she said - pretty much) and I said, "Okay!" and we did. Neither of us has ever cooked with tofu before so we followed the recipe (don't tell HG - oh wait, no, we changed it a little by using crunchy peanut butter and adding water chestnuts - we should have also added red pepper, but anyway...)... where was I? Oh right! We followed the cooking-the-tofu part of the recipe.

And? The Point? My lunch today was really good. And it turns out, cooking with tofu is really easy. And I think I'll be doing that more now. Because the rest of my family eats stuff that used to walk around, and that just doesn't appeal to me.


Aimee said...

Tofu is the BEST--my kids (all vegetarians since birth) love it in all forms. Erin actually used to eat it straight from the container (though that doesn't appeal to her these days, Evan loves it). We have a recipe for "Kentucky Fried Tofu" and we all think it is finger lickin' good! (We eat it with french fries and you would think we were regular people!)

Can you post the recipe for this peanut sauce dish?

bel said...

Here it is! Will you share the KFT recipe with us?

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