Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It All Depends on Your Point of View

Two Takes Yesterday (or the day before), I commented to Husbandguy how strange it seemed that exactly 1 week before that we were at the beach and had been for several days. He agreed that it did seem strange. "But also nice," he added. I didn't answer immediately with a vigorous, "HELL YEAH!!" (probably because I didn't feel like it) so he went on about how relaxing our vacation had been and how good the girls listened and blahblahblabbityblah. First of all, I'm not sure whose girls he was talking about and secondly, I think our definition of what is relaxing is more different than I previously realized.

All in the Family One explanation I've come up with for the difference in our experience is the fact that we were there with his parents. I know that I have a much more relaxing and enjoyable time at TG and Meme's than he does. Our families are different. There are times when I find watching television "relaxing" and diverting but not when the first thing you do when you get out of bed or come in the door is turn it on and then leave it on and drool in front of it until you go out again or until you pry your eyes open to stumble off to bed. When it's on constantly, it's just irritating! Also, I personally wouldn't choose to watch football and FoxNewsick all the time (although I didn't mind the Rose Bowl - I did mind that HG's mom wanted Oregon to win but couldn't tell me why she chose them over OSU, but she did change the channel from FoxNewsick when Mike Huckabee promised to talk about abortion and I said, "Can we turn this to something else?"). And I think HG's memory of the girls not fighting, etc. has a lot to do with the fact that they figured out they should ask him if they could turn the TV on in the other room instead of me because he always said yes, even after I'd said no. Of course they're quiet; THEY'RE CATATONIC! Bleh. I wish the condo had been bigger. Or the weather had been warmer.

Plus, Also HG had to go back to work when we got home. Me too, I guess (although technically I was still "doing my job" on vacation), but my work is more rewarding than his most of the time.

But no one got sick and they only made me go to 1 buffet. So while HG may have had a better vacation than me, I wasn't miserable.


45+ and Aspiring said...

Reading this makes me really, really glad that HusbandGuy doesn't have a blog where he writes about his vacations with TG and Meme!!!!!

(I agree about all the TV stuff. But you already knew that!)

The Grandpa said...

Love the new picture at the top of the blog. Is that this year? You should do a retrospective post. Show all three (?) photos. It's about growth and setting out.

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