Friday, January 22, 2010

I Am Not Just Deluding Myself

GO Santa! For Christmas, the girls asked Santa for a Wii, and being a thoughtful kind of guy, Santa also delivered a Wii Fit. I am kind of in love with the Wii Fit. I could take or leave the actual Wii - who has time to play video games? But (and I think I said this before) without the Wii Fit, I wouldn't exercise. Seriously. Sad, I know. Since we plugged it in a couple of weeks ago, I have "exercised" all but 3 days.

Lucky Dog If it weren't for the Wii fit, also, our sweet little bundle of puppy energy wouldn't get walks. I'm not super motivated to take her out, even though I should be, and the rest of the family says, "She's not my dog." I do make sure that she gets lots of playtime indoors and cuddling and brain-taxing training so she's not unhealthy, but the poor thing needs to go outside. I KNOW! So, when I feel like I'd like to be Wii Fit-ing but the TV is busy with something else inane, I strap that sweetie in her harness and we go around the block, about a mile, at a brisk pace. It's not much, but it's way more than we were doing. And it was one of my original reasons for wanting a dog.

Happy Birthday to ME! Today is my birthday. All I asked for was 1 thing: the AE Sports Active package for the Wii. And I got it. YES! I had zero time this morning to work out. I had literally 1.5 hours and I also needed to eat and shower and update my facebook status, but I plugged that disc into the consul and checked it out anyway. Guess what? It has pre-made workouts! So I could just say, "I want to work out for 20 minutes and not have to make any decisions about what to do next," and my Wii could comply. It was AWESOME!

Thin ≠ Fit You probably knew that already. So did I, but inertia is so hard to overcome. I told myself I needed to exercise. But I never "got around to it." It's not like I sat on my flat, tone-less butt eating cheese balls and watching My Stories. Often. But laundry and Facebook and driving to piano lessons don't do much more for your stamina than cheese balls and TV. So I picked the 20-minute, easy workout this morning because I was limited on time and was pretty sure I couldn't get through the hard one. Guess what! It kicked my tone-less butt! It was awesome!! I want to do it again. And again. And again until it isn't hard anymore.

Who Knew? Seriously, all it took to get me motivated was an avitar who somewhat resembles me and does air punches when I work a little bit harder than before.

I Know I know that I will eventually need more than my beloved Wii and a 20-minute walk with my fuzzyface if I want to be really fit and healthy. But it's a start. And I'm motivated to keep going, which might eventually turn into "going" outside or something. weird...

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