Monday, April 30, 2007

Working the Weekend

We had a crazy weekend! We had a bunch of meetings scheduled, starting Friday evening. Some of it was team-building stuff that was fun so I guess it could have been worse. At least they weren't conference calls!

Friday was the first team-building meeting. The place where Boss 1 has her swimming lessons has a night once a month or so where you can just come and use the pool. Boss 1 had me sign us all up. So Boss 1, Boss 2, Mr. Co-Worker, and I all went together (we carpooled!) and spent an hour and a half just hanging out in the pool. Has your work ever done that? It was really nice and kind of relaxing. I hadn't been swimming for years! And Boss 2, who had only ever been swimming once, was a little nervous at first but wound up having a great time.

Then on Saturday, we had an exhibition downtown. That didn't turn out to be what we were expecting. It was more just a festival, but it was really fun, and again, we all went together. Int he afternoon, Boss 1 had a meeting with some folks from her daytime office. The Saturday things overlapped, but we made it to both with time for lunch in between.

Then Sunday Boss 1 and I had an appointment with one of our temps. That one was catered!

Whew! We were all super busy. Did you ever think you'd be waiting for Monday morning so you could take a break?

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