Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Best Job EVER

Almost a year ago, I left my job with the biggest bank in the world, a move which apparently went unnoticed in Big Bank Land. But it was the most rewarding thing I ever did. Now I have the best job ever (as I said in the title). I had to take a BIG paycut, but I have two bosses, one part-time/full-time co-worker, and a handfull of temps who help out whenever we need them.

My bosses are a lot younger than I am, but they're great to work for most of the time. I have a ton of autonomy, and since, as with most jobs, I know more than they do, they usually do things my way. They don't always agree with me. Sometimes they throw sort of childish tantrums, but they know I'm right and eventually give in.

My co-worker, like I said, is part-time and full-time. What I mean by that is that he's only actually at work part of the time because he has another job too, but when he's not here, he's still working for us, you know? He's great! I even took him with me on vacation recently. It was really a working vacation, and he took over some of the stinky tasks so I could actually enjoy some time to myself. The nice thing about where we went was that there were a bunch of people there who were really interested in my job and also wanted to help out so he got a break too.

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