Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boss 1's Afternoons

Boss 1 is taking some personal enrichment courses a couple of afternoons a week, and I have been really very impressed with how quickly she is becoming Enriched.

She has taken up swimming, but not in the way your boss might take it up for exercise and whatever. She had never had swimming lessons before this! She's only been going for a few months and has already impressed her instructor with how quickly she is picking it up. I understand her father is a great swimmer and even swam competitively when he was younger so maybe she comes by it naturally. At first I thought she was just interested in it because it meant getting a new swim suit, but she seems to genuinely enjoy it and is really proud of herself.

The other course she is taking is an art course. She seems to have a real talent for that too.

It makes me want to take some courses. If I could ever find a time I wasn't needed at work...

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I would like to take foreign language courses. I keep threatening to use my commute for such a purpose. But then, when would I get to catch up with my friends?

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