Thursday, April 19, 2007

All I Wanted Was an ATM!

On the way back from dropping Boss 1 off at her daytime office this morning, I needed to stop and get some petty cash to pay for parking this afternoon. I didn't have the ATM card for the account I should take the money from so of course I passed three branches of that bank. I also passed at least four other banks where we don't have an account. I did have my debit card for my personal account, which is at a bank that claims to have ATMs everywhere, but this apparently isn't true because I only passed one and that was because I came back the long way just to go by it. Since I had my card, I stopped so I wouldn't have to go out later. After I put in my PIN, though, guess what! There was no money! I don't mean I didn't have any money in my account. I mean there was no money in the ATM! Can they do that? My only choices were to check my account balance or make a deposit. Since I didn't want to do either of those things, I said, "Tsk!" and glared at the ATM, both effective actions, I'm sure, and got back in my car to find that some lady had all but parked me in. She wasn't parked directly behind me so I couldn't back out at all, but she was parked just right (and not in a parking spot by the way) that I had to back past her before I could go anywhere. I hope she wanted to get cash too but couldn't! Stoopid Laydee!

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