Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year - A New Lu

My littler big girl apparently did some growing over her winter break because the girl I dropped off at preschool about an hour ago was not the same girl I picked up there 2½ weeks ago.

Those of you who were with TIBM from the start may remember that the drop off line at preschool has been kind of an issue (look here or here for a reminder if you're interested). Well, for the past few months Lulu and I have been walking together up to the drop off line and she's been going inside without me. It was a struggle to get her to agree even to this, but we'd been doing it pretty well so I suggested that we start driving through the drop off line when vacation ended and she agreed. I thought that she would change her mind this morning when actually faced with the thing, but she didn't. I was totally surprised. She even said things like, "I'm going to walk in by myself!" and, "I'm a big girl now!" She didn't hesitate for a second, even when Ms. J had her all unbuckled and ready to hop out. She blew me a kiss (less than I wanted, but good enough) and hopped out (literally hopped) and said, "Bye, Mom!" without even looking back. Aw! Poor me!!

And when she was getting dressed this morning, I simply asked her if she wanted to wear a Pull Up today. "No," she said. "Panties," she said and then proceeded to tell me exactly which pair she wanted ("I have Pooh Bear panties you know, Mom. I'll wear Pooh Bear.") And she didn't hesitate about that either. She wore panties yesterday all the way up to her nap and didn't have an accident. She almost went poo in them, but I caught her and she opted to not poo over going in the potty (it's okay, though; it'll come out eventually).

And she keeps reminding us that we told her we would start looking for a big girl bed soon, which we will as soon as the bigger big girl is all done turning 7. Holy crap...


Maria Rose said...

Wow, it must feel good to know that she is becoming independent...even if it is hard.

45 and Aspiring said...

Ahhh.. . after reading yesterday's post after reading today's post first, I finally understand today's post now. Obviously, congratulations are in order for both yesterday and today!
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