Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Can't Believe I Watched the Whole Thing!

It is uncharacteristic for me to get intensely involved in much outside of my family. Pop culture, world affairs, politics... I tend to prefer the highlight reel over actual events. Sure I'm interested in things, but the little details? Do they change me in some way? No? Then who needs them! This is why newspaper subscriptions are a waste of money for us. Sometimes I wish this wasn't the case...

However, I spent yesterday morning glued to the TV. I did all kinds of Insufficient Mothering to my children. I stayed in my pajamas until after 1:00. All so I could watch the world change. The only other time I remember being that swept up in anything was in September just over 7 years ago. The world changed that day too.

Tuesday was a snow day for my girls, the first snow we've had this year, a whole inch-and-a-half. Thank goodness Husbandguy ditched work. Otherwise who would have played outside with the girls and the dog while I waited for (now) President Obama to finish with church? And thank goodness they didn't let us watch them eat lunch or I never would have gotten my shower! These are the things I could normally skim over, by the way. But not this time for some reason.

I realized at one point during President Obama's inauguration address, that I was actually listening to what he was saying. Not in the way that I "listen" to a minister give a sermon or a committee chairperson give an update. I was really listening to the words and his meaning and I cared about it.

I'm excited to see what happens next. What a mess he's in! And it's not his mess. But the whole world is waiting for him to clean it up...

Funny Aside: This morning I was talking to Lulu about her snow day and asked her if she remembered what was on TV all morning. Her answer: "The Arack Obama Show!"
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