Monday, January 19, 2009

More Evidence of Her Genius

This morning, Moomie came over for a few minutes to drop off my birthday present (thank you, Moomie!). She was just going to stay for a little bit because the girls and I had plans to go meet Husbandguy for lunch. Pete's been wanting to check out the cafeteria in his building. When we were getting ready to leave, Lulu announced that she didn't want to go - she wanted to stay home with her g-ma. Moomie was fine with that (thank you, Moomie!), but Lulu is only 2 so we asked her a dozen different ways if that was what she really wanted. Apparently it was. She never changed her answer. As I was heading out the door with Pete, Lulu suddenly wailed, "Noooooo!" I thought she'd realized we were leaving her and she was going to change her mind. I thought she'd say, "I wanna go toooooo!" Like an average 2 year-old would. When I asked her what was wrong, this happened:

LL: I just have a question.
MN: What's that, kiddo?
LL: Tomorrow? Can I come with you to lunch with Daddy?

I made a deal with her that she and I would have lunch with Daddy later in the week because how could I not? My Very Small Child wanted 2 things. These things conflicted in such a way that she couldn't have both today, and she knew that. And she, with her Very Small Giant Brain, solved this problem in a very grown-up way. All on her own.
  • I want 2 things.
  • I can only have one now.
  • I'll make sure Mom knows that I'd like to have the other one later.

She's not 2. Nuh-uh.

Update - 7:55PM: Just before dinner, Lulu explained to me that the reason she had Lip Smackers smeared all over her face was that she was too young to know better.

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