Thursday, January 29, 2009

When You're Seven...

It's hard to be what everybody expects you to be when you're 7.

You're supposed to be smart and strong and sweet.

You're not supposed to tell lies (or "forget" the truth) or be snotty.

Everyone has all sorts of advice to help you be what they want you to be: "Put your toys where they go so they don't get lost," "Practice your piano so you can have a good lesson," "Wear socks with those shoes so your feet don't hurt," "Brush your hair now so it's not so knotted later."

And they're always telling you "no" about everything. Or at least, "not right now" and you're supposed to just not care.

You're not supposed to yell or shriek or sit on your head on the couch or stand up at the table while you eat dinner.

You have to get yourself dressed and put on your own socks and gather your things in time to catch the bus every day. Even when you're sooooo sleepy.

It's hard. Very hard.

Poor Pete...

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