Saturday, October 11, 2008

Graduation Day

Today was graduation at puppy class. While my little dog-man isn't exactly Canine Good Citizen material yet, he is way better and knows so much more than he did 8 weeks ago. He comes when you I call his name, sits when you I tell him to sit, lies down when you I tell him "down," rolls over when you I tell him to and move my arm the right way, gives you me his paw when I ask for it, and will stay when you I walk around him in a complete circle. Most of the time. Eight weeks ago? He didn't know any of that. How cool is my puppy? Very cool, I say.

Now Husbandguy, who hasn't worked with Howie on any of those things at all in the last ever, complains like crazy that "the dumb dog won't listen!" Um, duh. He doesn't believe he has to listen to you. But I'm done giving advice and reminding him that he needs to show Howie - that the dog doesn't automatically know this stuff. He's a dog. Jeez! But I've made the offer to go with HG and the dog to the park or somewhere and walk them through what I learned in the last 8 weeks, and I believe that if HG will commit to that and to practicing, Howie will be way less annoying than he is now. And then maybe HG will agree to us getting another little dog sooner than I'm expecting.

But in the meantime, someone lend me $100, okay? Because we need to sign up for intermediate class so Howie can get even better at being a good dog. Sooner is better than later.

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