Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Wrote this Yesterday

Old Mother Befrigerator (<-- that's me)
Went to the refrigerator
To pack her sweet girls some lunch.
But there was no more
So she went to the store
And and bought yummy things to munch.

It's okay for you to groan out loud. You won't hurt my feelings. I will confess to muttering, "Ouch," after I wrote it. I will not confess to using a rhyming dictionary to come up with the 4th line. That is a nasty and unfounded rumor!

What I learned yesterday for NaNoWriMo:
  • Everyday things are going to take time away from my writing, but I can still sit for an hour and get something done.
Day 3 Word Count: 7,044!

That puts me a little behind, but as soon as I throw the whites in the machine, I'll be getting caught up. I am hoping to top 10,000 today...


septembermom said...

Go Bel Go!!! You're doing great!

The Write Girl said...

I think your poem is cute! Rhyming can be very tricky. What about an internal rhyme? There are endless possibilities!

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