Tuesday, November 9, 2010


17,588! Whew! This is fun.

I have to admit that today I just stopped writing the first story and moved on to the second. The first one doesn't really have an ending, but I know that it is finished and will figure out how when the writing is done. Does that make sense? There wasn't any more to write about Detective Tallulah so I just stopped. I've moved on to Tallulah planning Thanksgiving, which is again based a little on real life. My monkey provides me with great material! Thanks, monkey!!


rae said...


The Write Girl said...

I liked the story you wrote. It's always good to start something new though. Perhaps you'll find inspiration for story#1 somewhere down the line. Take Care.

Shannon said...

Great job!

septembermom said...

Hooray for your Monkey Muse!!! You're doing great bel :)

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