Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today I Am Wondering

  • How to make a boring dialogue-driven story into something compelling to read.
  • Whether the story is actually compelling.
  • If it is possible to lose talent!
  • Whether we've scheduled Pete for too many activities this fall (it's really only Tuesdays that are full...).
  • Why it has to be 90ยบ+ after Labor Day.
  • Whether 2 Honey Buns and 3 cups of coffee is really a good breakfast.
  • Whether Lulu's potty regression is only because of all the changes in her little life or if she needs a doctor.
  • Whether Pete's warts will clear up before her self esteem suffers and/or before Follies.
  • Who's going to clean this house.
  • Why I'm not motivated to work on my story (maybe see the first bullet...).
  • What I could work on instead.
  • How to work on the computer but stay offline.
  • Will our "free" roof really be free?

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