Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey! Don't I Owe You One More for April?

The Hoodeler

He doesn't hide under your bed at night.
Oh, wait a minute
That's not quite right.
It's safe to say, I would guess,
If he lives in your closet
It's under duress.
You'll hear him always
In some other room
Hoodeling, hoodeling
Sounds of doom
You'd better look out
Once you're in his sights.
With razor claws and mad animal's bite,
He'll make you wish
(You'll be filled with fright)
That the Hoodeler
Was Hoodeling
Elsewhere tonight.

(The real Hoodler was my mom's and my cat, Vinnie, a large, orange fluffball with enough Maine coon cat in him. He made this little noise when he walked around the house that didn't really fit with his giant size. It sounded like "hoodlehoodlehoodle." He was actually a gentle doofus and couldn't fill anyone with fright.)


septembermom said...

Thanks for adding some poetry to my morning :) I have to read this to my boys. Fun!

PSPants said...

AWWWWW YEAH I remember Vinnie! He was super sweet, but he did make that noise. Wasn't he the original interloper kitty? Or just near about the same time as interloper kitty? (I remember that I had to look up the meaning of "interloper" when you used it that time.)

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