Friday, April 23, 2010

New Project (not a poem)

This afternoon, a very tall professional arborist stopped by on his day off to walk around the back half of our nice-sized lot and tell me how much it will cost us to have him and his guys spend a day making it usable. He told me all about the trees we have and which ones he'd recommend we keep and taught Lulu a little bit about poison ivy (LL says 'itchy ivus') and poison oak and he said things like, "No, you'll never be able to grow grass there," and, "That's a pretty little creek," and "My team and I could have this cleared out in a day," and "We'll give you the whole day for [6 times what we were hoping to pay but probably a very reasonable price considering what's involved]." You know me, I'm impulsive and almost hired him on the spot, but I thought Husbandguy might want to have some input, considering how much we're spending and also I had called another guy to give us a quote but haven't heard back.

Still, it's finally going to happen. 12 years later...


septembermom said...

I bet it will turn out great!

45andaspiring said...

how exciting!

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