Monday, April 19, 2010

Girlfriend Wanted


I'll always be 13

In your parents' basement
Feathered hair sprayed stiff
Or pulled into a one-side ponytail
Leading imaginary aerobics classes
To "Papa Don't Preach"
And finishing the leftover
Christmas chocolate.

Standing next to you
At the front of church
Graciously irritated
When you miss your note
And sour mine
Or taking turns with the reading
That they asked us to share
Because we're always together.

Apart from you
On the church lawn
After the funeral
Without words to heal
Your biggest loss
Cowardly pulling away
And leaving you alone
With the pain
That I didn't believe
I could share with you.


septembermom said...

There's a quiet, confessional tone here. Very good.

45andaspiring said...

Gives me chills.

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