Thursday, May 21, 2009

LL Says:

Lulu was on tonight! She was zinging them out right and left!

My favorite was when we were eating ice cream at an outside table. She looked up and said, "Hey Mom! There's an umbrella! Now a bird won't poop on you!!" (Unfortunately the pooping-on- me thing has happened to me enough times that I usually refuse to sit outside at restaurants.)

The other funny thing is probably more funny if you've actually met Poppop, but I'll share anyway. First, a little background: Poppop has a detached retina in his left eye and, due to the surgeries he's had and other things, his eyelid is mostly closed all the time. Well, Lulu's ice cream cone came with 2 little candy eyes plopped on the top, and after she ate the first one, she held her little cone up to Husbandguy and said, "Look! My ice cream is POPPOP!!" Poor Poppop... Tee hee...

Sorry if you had to be there to really appreciate these little gems, but I had to share.

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septembermom said...

Lulu better take a shot at open night mike at the local comedy club someday! She is hilarious:) Funny about the umbrella and the poop! My kids would have laughed so much at those comments. She sounds like such a cutie!

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