Monday, May 4, 2009

Mom Fun

Most of the time, I really enjoy being a mom. Waiting for the bus this morning with Pete, I was reminded of one reason why.

You know that magic trick where the magician tucks something into her palm and makes a fist and the other person blows on the fist and the thing in the magician's hand disappears, only to reappear in the other person's ear or someplace? Pete loves that trick (Lulu does too). And she doesn't know how I do it yet so, for her, it really is magic. The look on her face when I ruffle the hair above her ear and pull out Lulu's yellow bead, which only moments before had been in my hand... You've seen it on some child's face, I'm sure. Isn't it fantastic? And my favorite moment this morning was when I didn't find the bead right away. Where did it go? I wondered. Pete actually felt behind her ears, on top of her head, in her socks and bellybutton but didn't find it. Hmm... That's weird. Usually it's there somewhere... Oh, look! It's on top of Lulu's head! And then Pete said, "I actually saw it there!" and I wished I could see what she thought she had seen because I bet she really did "see" it. It's magic, after all.


The Grandpa said...

love that trick.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

I'm very fond of the man who taught it to me, TG...

septembermom said...

Another sweet memory for your kids to have. It's so nice that you delight them with this trick!

PSP said...

Awww. One time, Husband's cousin, who was, like, nine, was over at our old house visiting. It was dark out, but he was staring out into our "way back" yard, which was beyond the "back" yard, separated by its own fencing. He asked, "what's back there?".

Husband promptly started, looked out the window, and said, "oh, back there? That's where the putt putt course is."

Cousin said, "Shut up, you're lying..."

Husband said, "No, seriously. There is even a windmill. See?"

Cousin looked and suddenly perked up and said, "COOL!!! I DO see it! Can I play it sometime???"

Of course, there was no putt putt course in our yard.

We also convinced him that we bought the old Wal*Mart and were in the process of turning it into a roller rink.

Husband's cousin was cute back then.

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