Friday, May 1, 2009

Just One More... Today...


"I'm beautiful!" she declares.
"I have beautiful shoes and
"A beautiful dress
"And beautiful hair."

She's two years plus,
Almost three, you see.
"Aren't I beautiful?"
She demands of me.

"Yes. You are," I respond
To my tiny blue-eyed blonde.
She smiles up at me,
My mom's mom's glow,
And says, "I know."

I think I was actually one poem behind for NPM... Plus, it's kind of hard to stop...


rae said...

Lovely, just like the others. Thanks so much for such a great idea and the encouragement to try it. I had a blast!

septembermom said...

You wrote such wonderful poetry throughout this observance of poetry month. I always smile when I read your words. All is beautiful here!

The Grandpa said...

This is one of the best you did through the whole challenge. And don't stop.

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