Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Catch-Ups

My little family was computerless for nearly 4 days this week. That's why I've been absent from the blogosphere. Did ya miss me? What?! Not really? Fine. Here's what you did miss while I was away.

* Lulu is almost exclusively wearing panties now. She sleeps in a Pull-Up for naps and at night, but when she's up and around she wears tiny underwear. I am nearly ready to declare her potty trained (when she says she is, I agree, but I'm not saying it yet without the word "almost"). Here's some evidence that she probably is mostly there, though. Also, I know you love my poopoo stories... The other morning, before she got dressed, when she was still wearing her nighttime Pull-Up, she disappeared. When I heard the toilet lid, I calmly said, "Whatcha doing, kiddo?" because 2 year-olds and toilets are sometimes not a good mix. Her answer? "Poopin' in the potty," like that was what she always did. I peeked into the bathroom and she was wrestling out of her footie jammies. Then she sat on her little potty and made a big poop and I gave her 2 jelly beans (before breakfast) because I was so proud! She's done it a couple of times since then, too, but that was my first big hint that she's really ready for this finally.

* A couple of days ago I had something in my eye. I noticed it first in the morning so I did a lot of blinking and holding my hand over my eye so I didn't lose my contact and eventually the feeling went away. I assumed it was an eyelash. Later that evening I felt it again in my eye and went into the bathroom to check it out. After a few minutes of poking around I noticed something sticking out of my eye. It was ¾" of HAIR. Like from my head. And when I pulled it, it just kept coming. I had a 2" hair in my eye all day!! Um, ew? I almost threw it away but couldn't resist showing it to Husbandguy. He was characteristically unimpressed.

* My house is cleaner than it was when the computer left us on Monday morning. WAAAAY cleaner. Apparently I waste a lot of time sitting at this desk on a daily basis. I made a list of the things I did each day so I could refer to it next week when I'm tempted to revert to my old habits and sit here all day. The living room has been clean SINCE MONDAY and IT STAYED THAT WAY ALL WEEK! And the laundry is folded and put away. Did you hear me? I said it is PUT AWAY. HG is loving it. I like it too. PhD and I discussed me making myself a star chart, like the one I made Pete, that says that I can sit at the computer for an hour or whatever as long as I've finished this and that thing around the house...

I bet there are more things to report, but I've got work to do. Besides, what would I write about later if I post it all now?


The Grandpa said...

Welcome back to the, Blogosphere. And those were all positive messages to restart your posting addiction. Well, except for the 2" hair thing. :0)

CandCFamily said...

Yay for the PT!

I think my house woudl actually be cleaned if I wasn't at the computer so much too. Ugh!

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