Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Secret Keeper

Don't tell Lulu anything you want to keep a secret. If you're going to buy someone a present and you don't want them to know, don't take Lulu with you. And definitely don't ask Lulu to tell Husbandguy about the party supplies you guys bought if you bought HG a CD at the same time (my mistake). It went like this:

MN: Hey Lulu, tell Daddy what we bought today for your party.
LL: I buyed a CEEDEE.
MN: No, honey. What did we buy for your birthday party?
LL: We buyed a CEEDEE! It was for YOOOO!!
MN: No, shh! Don't tell Daddy about that. Tell him what we bought for you!
LL: We buyed... um... AhdunnOH! We buyed a CEEDEE for YOOOO!

HG just laughed. At me.
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