Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Her Birthday and She'll Cry if We Make Her

So this morning, when Lulu called to be gotten out of her crib, Pete, Husbandguy, and I all went in together to get her. We sang "Happy Birthday" and had a presents for her, but apparently we should have warned her because instead of clapping and happily opening her gifts, she burst into tears and had to be consoled. Darn it! Poor kid! Here it is, her special day, and what does her family do to celebrate? Terrorize her!! She got over it, though, and did open her present, a stuffed mouse, which she has been carrying around, tucked under her little 2-year-old arm, all morning.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Happy birthday, little Lulu!!! You may be a big girl now, but you are still your mama's baby. I hope the rest of the day is perfect!

Dana said...

Love the title on this post. Perfect! Happy bday Lulu!

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