Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Difference

I'm a UU. Probably mentioned that before, but if not, there you go. This morning, the guest speaker (our minister is on sabbatical) told a funny tale. She had been asked to lead a UU-style service one Sunday during a session at an Episcopal divinity school, and the morning of the service, the dean commented, kind of nervously that she might want to make everyone aware of what to expect before she started. This is funny by itself because, what does he think we do on Sundays? But she complied. Standing in front of the group in the chapel she said, "This will be very much like what you're used to. We will have music and a message. But there will be one difference." Here she gestured to the chalice and said, "We will not be having communion. We UU's don't drink from the chalice. We light it on fire."


septembermom said...

That's an interesting story. Keeps everyone on their toes!

Omgirl said...

Is that true? I hate to sound ignorant, but I'm not sure if it's a joke or not!

bel said...

OMGirl: It is true, but it's not quite as irreverent as she made it sound. The flaming chalice is actually the symbol of the UUSC and the UUA and is also used by many UU congregations. The UUA website has a couple of pages about the history of the symbol. You can click on the word "chalice" in my post to get to the first one. I was a tiny bit concerned that I might offend someone with the story so I put it in.

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