Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today I feel useless and crabby and like a crappy parent. I could tell you all the things I haven't done (like folding the laundry and making my kids play outside - it's 100ยบ!), but instead I think it would help me for you to know all the things I have done recently.

This is a big one - I took my kids to see 2 movies in the past week (or so). Well, Pete saw 2, and Lulu saw 1, but for a person who prefers to watch movies at home, this is definitely outside my box. And I initiated the movie Pete and I went to by inviting Pete's BFF and her mom to go with us instead of waiting to hear from them. Also outside my box... Then Pete and Lulu and I talked Husbandguy into skipping out on his last 2 hours of work one day and all went to a movie together. Trying to talk HG into skipping out of work isn't outside my box, but it does make for a fun afternoon!

Then, yesterday, I took Pete's spelling workbook from last year and spent an hour building 13 crossword puzzles for her to take to the beach with us. I should share those with her friends...

And in the past week (or so) my girls and I have tie-dyed and painted pottery (twice) and made a fairy wand and watched "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" (which didn't scare Lulu).

And I've discovered that my Follies-writing niche is actually multimedia, not so much dialogue or whatever. I am a lover of high praise for me, and my projects for this year's Follies, which are Powerpoint shows (and VERY funny) have elicited high praise for me. Yay me!!

Honesty, I don't feel that much better, but thanks for reading anyway.

Oh, I did have another featured post at Write With Pictures last week. But I was the only entry that day...

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