Friday, April 18, 2008

Read That For Me, Please

Padding quietly toward me,
Uncertain still on her feet,
She carries The Giving Tree
And smiles, toothy and sweet.

"Read that for me," I hear.
Pleading softly, "Please?"
I take the book and pull her near.
She rests on me with ease.

I watch her wide, blue-silver eyes
As she becomes engaged.
“No! My do it myself!” she cries
When I reach to turn the page.

When I finish, I hear, “Read it again.
“Again please, Mommy? More!”
How can I not get pulled back in
To these minutes I adore?


the grandpa said...

This one may be the best one of the month so far. The last line seems a bit too easy, but that's a very minor observation.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

You're right about the last line, TG. I'm still working on it...

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