Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Go on the Poetry

Pete's class is too busy this month for me to do a presentation early enough for them to continue to celebrate poetry for the whole month. I did tell her teacher that I'll do the presentation at any time, even if it's not National Poetry Month. It is pretty late in the year, though...

That being said, I need to tell you about

The Monster Under My Bed

There’s a monster under my bed.
It’s furry with big orange paws.
Did you see it? The tip of a whisker?
The orange tail? The claws?!

It is really very frightening.
I’m scared! Oh, what should I do?
I can hear it growling
And moving around under there too!!

Wait a minute... Hold on…
What do you think? How about that?
The growling sounds a lot like purring…
Silly me! It’s just my CAT!

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The grandpa said...

More please.

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