Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30! At Last!!

The End!
And none too soon.
I ran out of ideas
On the 17th - around noon.

Will you miss this?
The poems, I mean?
Seriously. Admit it.
They're the best you've seen!

I might miss it a little,
My challenge to me.
Though I am out of my element
Writing poetry.

Turns out I feel best at
Poems for my girls.
Those will keep coming
'Til the end of the world!

For my Tiny Muses,
I'm full of verse.
It comes on the spot.
No need to rehearse!

So thanks for the cheers,
The input, the guests;
Now it's back to the prose -
It's what I feel I do best!

(I still welcome guest poets at any time, even though National Poetry Month is ending. It's important, I think!)

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