Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am a little bit good
At a lot of things
But at nothing am I a pro.
I can do a little of this
And a little of that
But expertly? Probably, no.
Because of this trait
Of knowing a little
People are often impressed.
They are struck by the fact
I know something they don't
And don't wonder if I am the best.
It'd be nice, I do think,
To have some expertise
In even one occupation.
If I knew A to Z
About just one thing
I'd be deserving of their ovation.
But no. It's not so.
I have to confess
I have no special mastery.
I'm a little big good
At numerous things
Without great proficiency.


Oh my! I actually worked hard on that one. It's terrible, but I wrote it!

1 comment:

septembermom said...

It's not "terrible" at all :) I think you did a great job bel. Your heart is in it and there's much poetic talent here my friend.

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