Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Crap

I'm an idiot, apparently. Pete goes to a magnet school here so Lulu should be guaranteed a spot next year as long as we, her parents, jump through all the right hoops and apparently I missed one. I thought I jumped through it but must have missed a step because I don't have a confirmation and Lulu's school assignment for next year, which should now match Pete's, is "unassigned" and it's too late to go back. All we can do now is apply for reassignment and wait, but the guarantee isn't guaranteed anymore. I didn't enroll her in the school she's in this year because I didn't think I needed to so now she might not have anywhere to go next year. But we won't know until late April, when it may be too late to make arrangements for her to go to a good school.

And no one can figure out what's wrong with our dog except that she's really expensive.


glnroz said...

Contgrats on your "Did I miss the party" Ten word post. We used to live in Fort Mill SC. We miss Charlotte.(a little, lol)

septembermom said...

Hope it all works out for Lulu's spot. Sorry to hear about your dog.

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