Friday, March 12, 2010

Lulu School Update

Because I know it's keeping you up at night that I messed up Lulu's school for next year, here is what's going on at this moment.

We are holding our breath.

Enough? No? Oh, then...

After the initial panic and gut-wrenching guilt I felt when I realized that it was actually most likely my fault that Lulu wasn't absolutely going to Pete's school like she should be or any school at all next year (this lasted several days, by the way, because I'm a worrier and really hard on myself), I filled out the application for wishful thinking, which is our only hope for getting her in for next year and crossed my fingers (but had to uncross them to do other things, like eat and write and type and wash my hair and stuff, but they're still mentally crossed until the end of April when we'll find out if our little sweetie will get in). Then today I stopped by the office at Lulu's preschool, where they are done with registration and are actually sending out class assignments next week and said, "Oh help! I messed up. Please will you have us next year, just in case?" and they said, "Fill this out and we'll put you on the waiting list," and as long as no one else turns in a form before the end of the day, we'll be first on the waiting list and I feel good about that. Well, I feel fine, better-than-nothing about that.

So, after today, all we can do is wait for news one way or the other. But I'm not going to worry about it, and here's why:
  • Worrying won't make any difference in how long we have to wait except that it will keep me from sleeping, which will make the time pass more slowly;
  • Worrying won't change the outcome, what's going to happen will happen;
  • We have a plan and a back-up plan and at the very least I'll be more teacher (because that kid is ready to learn), less mommy next year, which would be a back-up-back-up plan;
  • I am 98% certain that the sibling guarantee will apply again to Lulu the year after next and now we know all the things we have to do to make it stick.

On a happy, braggy note, my sweetie read "The Vet" to me yesterday. It's the last book in the first set of Bob Books. So I know she can read, and she knows she can read Bob Books, and the trick is convincing her that she can read other things too, but we're working on it.


The Grandpa said...

Way to go, Lulu!

Omgirl said...

Oh poor Lulu! Or I guess poor you, since you are the one who has to stress about it.

I'm currently in the trying-to-get-my-future-kindergartener-into-a-decent-charter-school mode myself. Not fun.

septembermom said...

First of all, congrats Lulu!!! That's great about your reading progress. It will all work out Bel. I'll be thinking about you. Hugs :)

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