Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Legitimacy and Randomness

How does it happen? How do you get to that point where you don't feel like a kid or a wannabe when you say, "I'm a writer"?

How do you write a compelling bio or query/cover letter when you still feel like you should be saying, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a writer"?

How am I supposed to find time to clean the bathrooms and fold the laundry and cook dinner and take everyone to the dentist/doctor/groomer/vet/soccer and still read and write as much as I'd like to? Maybe if I leave 2 hours early for carpool...

I submitted a very short story (I know it's called flash fiction - I just like very short story better) to AROHO's Orlando contest because they didn't ask for a bio (and because I like the idea of AROHO). That makes 3 things on my submissions tracking spreadsheet.

It's raining, and I'm supposed to be baking.


The Write Girl said...

I can totally relate to how you feel. Here is a cool article on what not write on a query letter. You should totally check it out when you have time: http://www.wow-womenonwriting.com/15-how2.html

You can copy and paste the url. I hope you win the contest. Keep writing dear. Take Care.

Omgirl said...

I went to a really cool writers retreat through Segullah last summer, and this was one of the topics that came up: how you ever get to feel comforable calling yourself a writer in a world where the follow up questino is, "Oh? what have you published?" It was a very interesting discussion and what we came up with is: if you you write, you are a writer. Publication and monitary success are only a tiny portion of it. Hold your head up high and declare, "I AM A WRITER!"

septembermom said...

I feel like a closet writer in many ways. I know what you feel. You are so far ahead of me with submissions and a plan. I can learn from you, my writer friend!

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