Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've been getting geared up for September, when I officially start my new career as a writer. Remember I told you that Husbandguy said really focusing on my writing does count as a job (click here)? It's hard to do when the girls are around all the time, but this past week I've been sneaking a few minutes here and there for writing (click here) and discovered that writing every day is rewarding, everything I write isn't final draft quality, and I have a lot to learn before I can even think seriously about working on my novel (which will get its own tag starting today since it'll probably be coming up a lot over the next decade or 2). A lot to learn. Also I have learned that my novel is going to be much darker than what I've written so far. This scares me a little. What if I can't write dark with any depth?

Also though, I feel challenged. So it's all good.

Wish me luck. And get ready to hear all about my new adventures because I'm not going to be able to do this and not share it with you.

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The Grandpa said...

I'm definitely wishing you luck, kid. But that's only because I know you know getting it done depends on work, not luck. Hang in there.

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