Saturday, August 7, 2010

LL Says:

Sorry I've been absent - we were at the beach. More about that later. But first, this:

Husbandguy is colorblind. Lulu wanted him to help her color today. She was very insistent that he follow the pattern she had already started. He didn't want t0 so he told her that he couldn't help because he couldn't tell the colors.

Lulu was unfazed by this. She said, holding each crayon up one by one, "This one is green, which is the color of leafs (sic). This one is red, which is the color of sunburn. And this one is blue, which is the color of my lips when I'm cold."

HG had to help her color after that thorough explanation.


septembermom said...

I have to give HG credit for trying :)

The Grandpa said...

that is actually very poetic.

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