Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation Is Exhausting

Not Your Regular Wednesday Yesterday, Lulu and I got up and went to the water park part of our little amusement park. No wait, first we went to Target and shopped for a bathing suit for me because the suits I have are either old or ultra-modest or both and I wanted to at least show a little bit of my back this summer. We tried on 6 suits in 3 trips to the fitting room. Each time we emerged from the fitting room, Lulu announced to anyone in earshot what was wrong with the suits we tried ("These didn't work. Her breasts were all popping out!"). I love that kid.

(An Aside While I was typing that, a cardinal flew into the kitchen window. I went to check on it, and it was just sitting on the ground. When I turned away to tell Lulu not to let the dog out, it flew away so apparently it was alright. Whew! Poor birdie.)

Sunblock? I sprayed us all over with sunblock, we put on our suits (my new one is really pretty - I'll tell you what HG thought about it in a moment), packed our towels and bottles of water, and headed out. I thought we'd play for an hour or 2, maybe stop and eat lunch in the middle, and then come home, but Lulu didn't want to get out of the pool so we rode the waves for 3 hours, then had lunch at 2:30, then came home. We were in the sun the whole time, minus 5 minutes in the bathroom. I was okay with that, though, because I had sprayed us all over with sunblock, SPF 50 sunblock, waterproof SPF 50 sunblock. Apparently I don't know how to use sunblock, though because we're both burned. Poor kid. Mommy is sorry for the potential future skin cancer. In the meantime, we are becoming very familiar with the blue goo (aloe) and hoping the red ouch will turn tan and not peel. Freckles would be okay, too...

Mom, What's 'Lazy'? We tried out the lazy river. It was how I finally got her out of the pool. It wasn't a lazy experience for me, though, because Lulu is too little for the grown-up-size tubes and kept slipping out of hers so I had to stop us both (that current isn't lazy, I tell you what!) and pull her into mine. We only did that once.

youwanfivedollahsoratowel? We had rented a locker because I didn't want to have to worry about my keys and stuff. Part of the fee was a $5 key deposit and when I turned in the key the guy said, "youwanfivedollahsoratowel?" and I said, "Pardon me?" and he said, "Five dollars? Or a towel," and gestured at the beach towels hanging behind him, that are probably not worth $3 but which normally cost $14.99, and I picked that for Pete because she missed out on going with us again (HG and I took Lulu to ride the carousel on her birthday when Pete was still in school)! I hope she likes it. Lulu really wants to have her week alone with Nana and Poppop later in the summer so Pete and I can go just us then. I love both of my girls (obviously) and like doing things with both of them at the same time, but I really like having them one-on-one.

So Far Summer vacation = fun and tiring-in-a-good-way

How's your summer going?

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septembermom said...

I'm still laughing at the breast comment. LOL.

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