Thursday, May 27, 2010

LL Says:

A Little Background: At dinner the other night, I asked Pete if she could lick her elbow (admit it, you want to have dinner with us, don't you?). Of course she couldn't (can you?). Then everyone tried, and Lulu, whose arms are the shortest came the closest. Turns out, though, that everyone could lick their armpit. I'm not sure whose idea it was to try this (maybe mine...), but for the most part, everyone just went through the motion without any tongue-to-pit action to see if it was possible. It was. Husbandguy wouldn't play. He's a .

Now LL Says #1: At Lulu's pre-k assessment on Tuesday, the psychologist asked her to do things like stand on one foot and touch her elbow. Apparently, when she was asked to touch her elbow, she announced, "I can LICK my elbow!" and proceeded to demonstrate.

And LL Says #2: In the car afterward, I asked Lulu to tell me about what they had talked about and the touch-your-elbow question came up, but Lulu "remembered" it differently.

LL: She asked me to lick my armpit!
bel: No she didn't! She said asked you to touch your elbow, and you showed her that you can lick it.
LL (giggling): She asked me to lick my armpit!
bel (laughing): No she didn't, [Lulu]. That's not what happened. You're pulling my leg.
LL: Yes she did, Mom! You don't know. You weren't there.

Then there was so much giggling in the car (front seat and back) that the conversation had to be over.

Six more sleeps until she's 4. :)

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septembermom said...

Are you living a sit-com? So funny!

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