Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Katie Says:

I know you don't know Katie (she's in Lulu's class this year), but I had to share this with you.

I was sitting with Lulu and Katie and some other kids while they ate lunch the other day and we were talking about names and I was trying to get Lulu to say her full name so I said the only thing that seems to work, "What do I call you when you're in trouble?"

Katie piped up then with this: "When I'm in trouble, my mother calls me 'terrorist'!"

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septembermom said...

This reminds me of a story about a pediatrician who was counseling a stressed out mom. The mom was freaking out about her out of control kids. He said, "Consider your kids terrorists. You don't negotiate with terrorists so don't let them get away with anything." My husband loves that line :)

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