Thursday, September 1, 2011

Query Letter

By any chance, is one of you a literary agent who represents picture book authors? If so, can we meet for coffee or something and I'll just hand you my manuscript and we can skip the whole query letter thing? I'll buy the coffee. I have a Starbucks gift card.

It would be helpful for you to handle early-reader chapter books, too.


septembermom said...

I would pretend to be a literary agent if you bring chocolate. LOL

Charmaine Clancy said...

Querying won't be that horrible, promise. It's all part of the journey, try to enjoy it :)
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Lauren F. Boyd said...

Hey! It's great to meet you! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and for becoming a Follower!

It's funny that you posted about query letters. The post on my blog for Thursday is going to be about writing a query letter: what to include and what to leave out! I hope it will help you!

Thanks again!

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