Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Is National Poetry Month

Hey! Tomorrow is April. I'll be here all month with my half-hearted first drafts: a poem a day for NPM. Tell your friends and write with me. Are you in?


septembermom said...

Oh Bel, I better get my act together for this one! I'll try my best. I also signed up for that April ABC challenge to write each day based on a letter of the alphabet. We'll see how I do!

bel said...

Maybe that will help, Kel. You can write a poem each day based on whatever letter you're on. And on Sundays, you can write about whatever!

PSPants said...

I can try... since I'm back online FINALLY and all!!!

septembermom said...

Hi Bel, I decided to do a quickie poem over at Write With Pictures. It's been so quiet over there so I decided to just think up a poem on the spot over there. Here's the link:

I'll try to think out better poems as the month goes on. This will be fun! Happy writing my friend :)

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