Thursday, October 7, 2010

More About Lulu's Abandonment

I asked Lulu a bunch of questions about what happened when her class left her behind. Because I think there's a chance this could be a really sweet story. And I found out this:

When she came out of the bathroom and was all alone she:
  1. started to cry,
  2. stopped crying and walked around the classroom,
  3. she didn't step on anyone's work (she goes to a Montessori school, remember?),
  4. then she sat in the "thinking chair" and thought about what to do (this is my favorite part),
  5. she realized she knew where they were and decided to just go on her own,
  6. she looked for a hall pass to the cafeteria, but there wasn't one so she just went without,
  7. she walked all by herself down the LOOOOOOONG hallway,
  8. and managed to beat her class to the cafeteria because they had taken the scenic route.
My child is very proud of herself. As well she should be.

Aw! My baby!

1 comment:

septembermom said...

Good job Lulu!! Love how she thought about what to do. She's a smart one :)

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