Monday, February 15, 2010

Bully Bully

Sigh... What am I going to do with that kid?

I got a note from a mom-friend of mine. Her girls ride the bus with my Pete. She said that the cool rubber bands Pete brought home on Friday actually belong to her 5 year-old. Pete told us all weekend that the girl had given them to her, but it turns out, according to the mom-friend, that she gave them to Pete after Pete threatened her.

Hey! you say. How can you just take the word of this mom (and other child) without talking to Pete?

And I answer, I'm planning on asking Pete what happened, but given her history, I suspect it's true. Plus, the girl didn't tell her mom about it until the mom overheard her talking to her sister about it.

You say, What history?

Last month I got a call from the assistant principal at Pete's school because Pete had gotten a little boy thrown off the bus by telling him to hit and then bite another child. Pete confirmed the story when I asked her. Of course the kid was at fault for doing those things, but Pete told him to. She was lucky not to have also been suspended from the bus. I'm still not sure why she wasn't, actually. And in kindergarten she was included in a group that the school psychologist led of children learning all about what it means to be a bully. And there was a mom who refused to talk to me ever but I didn't find out that her problem with me was that Pete picked on her daughter until they had moved her daughter to another school (not just because of Pete, I don't think), and then I had to hear it from another parent.

I feel really clueless.

I am so embarrassed.

I'm at a loss...

Sigh... This isn't over.


rae said...

Oh my gosh I JUST read a post by another blogger about HER daughter. It must be a full moon or something...

I can't help but laugh a little. It's got to be hard for your moms but I keep thinking of myself and what a hellion I was!

PSPants said...

Hey, cut yourself some slack. My kid was always the one bullied, but I could then - and now - empathize with the other side of the story, too. Anyone who can't is lame. And why didn't that mom - the one of the kid that was removed from the school - try to talk to you? I mean, geesh!!!

You are doing a good job with those girls.

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